Monday, June 14, 2010

Less than 2 Days til Takeoff!

The gear is packed, the stops are set up, the bike is tuned, and I'm ready! Who knows what adventures and challenges lay ahead, it's exciting. I'm starting to get that pre-Expedition rush that comes when you realize that everything is falling into place, yes, this is really going to happen.

As important as something like this trek can be, it's important to remember that what's really going to change the world in the direction that we want to go isn't just policy, and big flashy campaigns; what's going to change the world is also about changing our habits.

That's why the Bike MN 350 trek team is challenging you to the Summer of 350 Biking. That's right, we're challenging you to bike 350 miles over the course of the summer. It's only a piece of the complicated puzzle, but I still have hope that we can put it back together again and non-motorized transit is a part of the solution.


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