Sunday, June 13, 2010

Second Bike Minnesota 350 Trek Begins this Weds!

3 Days and Counting!

Hey friends,

After a long hiatus, the Tales From the Trail Blog is back! Last fall, I blogged about the bike adventures (and misadventures) I had while traveling around the state on the Bike Minnesota 350 clean energy trek. Then, I took you to Copenhagen, where you got a behind the scenes look at how policy (or sausage) is made at the United Nations.

This Wednesday, the second great Bike MN 350 Epic Trek will begin. This ride will be a little bit older and wiser than the last. We won't be doing any 100 mile days this time, and we won't be anywhere near mountain lion territory when the sun goes down.

We have a slew of amazing stops along our journey, including a tour of the McNeilus Wind Farm, a tour of the largest solar array in the state at St. John's University, and one night where we'll even be camping out at an alpaca farm. The solutions to our climate challenges are already being created across the state; on this ride we will seek them out and learn what it takes to transition to a sustainable future.

The kickoff event for our great adventure will be in Como Park by the Pavilion starting at 10am, and the bikers will hit the trail at 11. Keep an eye out for future posts as we give you a glimpse of clean energy, local agriculture, and bike transit in rural and small town Minnesota.

Happy biking,

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